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1Zpresso K Series is the premium model of coffee hand grinder produced by 1Zpresso Co. Ltd.


The external numerical adjustment dial allows for the intuitive setting of the grind, as you would expect from an electric grinder. The specialized stainless-steel burr, ideal for a variety of brewing methods.


Features of 1Zpresso K-plus Coffee Grinder:

  • Dimensions: 186 x 62 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 800±5g
  • Grounds Capacity: 35-40g
  • Packed in a carry case with a cleaning brush, cleaning blower and anti-slip rubber
  • 48mm heptagonal stainless steel burr
  • Ideals for any brewing methods including espresso
  • External Adjustment Ring: With 9 numbers and 90 clicks on the dial
  • Each click shifting the grind by 22 microns
  • Secure fixing between the burr and central shaft
  • Use Magnets Catch Cup: much easier to remove the cup by twisting 

  • Open catch cup design allows coffee grounds to be released through the hole at the bottom and helps redistribution of the grounds

1zpresso K-Plus Portable Manual Coffee Hand Grinder

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