DF64 Flat Burr Single Dosing Grinder

DF64 Flat Burr Single Dosing Grinder



The DF64 has a 64mm flat Italmill hardened steel burrs as standard, the retention figures we obtained are very low with total complete exchange at around 1 gram. This grinder comes with a transparent cup which fits exactly into a 58mm portafilter handle avoiding any spillage, and will also hold a portafilter handle hands free.


EASY TO USE:- Large adjustment dial, it makes it easy to go from the fine to coarse settings. Top burr can be removed without tools for exchange clean, although with such a low retention, this is not necessary. The bellows make sure any remaining coffee grounds are extracted from the grinder. Although principally a single dose grinder, it can accommodate approximately a total capacity of 80 grams with 30 grams in the chamber and 50 grams in the bellows.


Features and Specifications

  • Italian made ItalMill 64mm stainless steel flat burrs
  • Grinder comes with a 58mm food grade dosing cup. While a portafilter can be used in the portafilter rest, it is best to use the dosing cup, especially if your portafilter isn’t 58mm.
  • Dose into a dosing cup or directly into a portafilter. If you dose into a portafilter it can be messy and it is recommended that you use a dosing funnel.
  • Stepless adjustment with an infinite number of settings between the highest and lowest amount
  • Collar adjustment
  • 250 watt motor
  • 220V / 60hz
  • Weight 15lbs
  • Very compact size that allows this grinder to fit under any kitchen cabinet. Overall footprint is very small compared to other 64mm grinders.
  • 10” L, 5.2” W, 12” H
  • Auto stop after 45 seconds
  • Blow hopper capacity: 50 grams
  • Comes with a blowing hopper and dosing cup
  • 6 months warranty for the motor


Option to get the grinder with SSP Multipurpose redspeed burrs!

For those targeting crisp, clear extractions in pour over brews and espresso, SSP’s 64mm Multi-Purpose Red Speed coated burrs are a gateway to that next level of coffee bliss. SSP’s razor-sharp burr sets will instantly improve the quality of your pour overs and espressos, and increase the throughput speed of most compatible grinders. The 64mm Multi-Purpose burr set features burr geometry specifically developed to provide more fines for espresso and minimize fines at medium to coarse grind sizes, maximizing clarity in pour overs and immersion brews. These are truly dual purpose burrs. Each burr is also fortified in a coating of Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (aka Red Speed), ensuring the highest possible durability for a tool steel burr. With a throughput rating of 8800-11,000lbs of coffee, the average home coffee enthusiast will never need to install another burr set again. In a café setting, these burr sets can last up to 10x as long as OEM burrs.