DF64 Flat Burr Single Dosing Grinder

DF64 Flat Burr Single Dosing Grinder

The DF64 has a 64mm flat Italmill hardened steel burrs as standard, the retention figures we obtained are very low with total complete exchange at around 1 gram. This grinder comes with a transparent cup which fits exactly into a 58mm portafilter handle avoiding any spillage, and will also hold a portafilter handle hands free.



  • Large adjustment dial, it makes it easy to go from the fine to coarse settings.
  • Top burr can be removed without tools for exchange clean, although with such a low retention, this is not necessary.
  • The bellows make sure any remaining coffee grounds are extracted from the grinder.


Although principally a single dose grinder, it can accommodate approximately a total capacity of 80 grams with 30 grams in the chamber and 50 grams in the bellows.



  • Single Dose
  • Stepless Adjustment
  • LOW RETENTION: Total retention 0.8 grams
  • Dose consistency -0.3 to +0.5grams
  • Time to grind fine 18gramps - 14 seconds
  • Decibels @ 30cms 83 (grinding)/li>
  • Capacity for more than a single dose in the chamber. 30 Grams.
  • Porta Filter Holder
  • Comes with additional Dosing Holder


  • Aluminium Body with Carbon look Wrap
  • Motor: 250w
  • RPM: 1400
  • Height (mm): 300
  • Width (mm):130
  • Depth (mm):225
  • Power (W):250
  • Color:Black
  • Bean Hopper Capacity (Gr.):30
  • Capacity of blowing hopper (Gr.):50
  • Type of blades:Italmill 64 mm flat grinding discs
  • Diameter of the blades (mm):64
  • Weight:8.00 kg