Flair Classic Pressure Gauge Kit

Flair Classic Pressure Gauge Kit

Precise brewing with Flair Classic!


The Flair Classic is the original manual espresso maker that turned the craft coffee industry on its head in 2016. The completely manual, lever espresso press is capable of brewing between 6-9 BAR pressure, exactly that needed to brew cafe-quality espresso from wherever you are.


This bundle includes a pressure gauge kit


  • Brewing Head: Standard Brew Head
  • Portafilter diameter: 40mm
  • Reservoir Capacity: 60ml
  • Max Output: 40ml
  • Dose: 12-18 grams
  • In the box:

    • Black Post, Base & Lever with Red Portafilter Base
    • Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter
    • Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
    • Pressure gauge kit
    • Stainless steel plunger
    • Pressure gauge kit
    • Brewing Cylinder
    • Dosing Cup
    • Funnel
    • Drip Tray
    • Carrying Case
    • Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently
    • Brewing Guide
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