Niche Zero Coffee Grinder

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder


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The Niche Zero Grinder has premium 63mm conical burrs,  normally only found in commercial, high end grinders. Combined with the precision stepless grind adjustment, you have complete control over your grind size and its consistency. With virtually no retained grind you can easily change bean type without purging and wasting your beans. Simply move the grind dial to your chosen setting and expertly grind for that brew method, from espresso right through to French press and beyond. We want to give you the freedom to experiment with all coffee types so you can find the brew that’s perfect for you.


  • Product Specifications

    • Large, 63mm conical burrs
    • Equipped with the Niche Flow Control Disk
    • Grinds at optimal speed. Low RPM, low heat build-up

    • Ultra quiet at 72db, grinds at 1-2 grams per second

    • Single Dose usage

    • Virtually zero retention through direct grind path, reducing coffee waste to ensure the maximum amount of fresh coffee

    • Fine burr collar thread and a continuum of adjustment, enabling very fine grind size tuning.

    • Real oak wood features for a warm, modern aesthetic

    • Powerful DC motor and gearbox, protected by sleek aluminum casting.

    • Safety interlocking lid - grinding mechanism stops immediately when the lid is open.

    • The grinder comes with one 58mm dosing cup

    • Dose Consistency: Less than +/- 0.2g*


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